Bobbing for Apples

On October 31st 8B Mrs.Durnin’s class challenged 8A Mr. Westra to a Bobbing For Apples Challenge.The teams were ten students from each class 5 girls and 5 boys. The classes held the bobbing for apples(BFA) in the small gym at F.E. Madill. 8B challenged 8A to a BFA match because 8B had to do a data management  project for math  and it is traditional to Bob for apples on Halloween.The method for getting the apples was just put your whole head under the water(drowning yourself) and get the apple to the side of the bin and just bite down on the apple,throw it out of the bin.

Personally I think our class 8B pummeled 8A, we were the fastest to get the first apple (time 2 seconds) and we got the most apples in one minute(apples in one min. 8). They, only got for the time they got 5 seconds and for most apples they only got 4 apples. The winner to me is 8B (not because its my class), But because we have the fastest time and the most apples got in 1 minute. 8A won in great sportsmanship, And encouraging their teammates. We still hammer Mrs. Westra”s class in Bobbing For Apples.

Based on the data in the graph 8B was more successful in getting the apples out of the bin than 8A . We creamed them with our scores and they were way behind in scores. We know now that we just have to challenge them to have fun.


me and Snow Lake

I’m Tamara, I go to F.E madill. The Idea Hive is where wingham  F.E. Madill  8B connect with kids in snow lake and we skype with them and we do activities with each other over skype or google documents.  I have never heard of  Idea Hive before this is my first time so its kind of new to me. But I think it is cool that we can connect with kids and people from different places in the world. What do you think of Idea Hive or what do you think its about.

What’s unique about me is I have a really unique personality.i don’t follow a crowd . I love music and singing and dancing. My family tells me I’m very artistic. I would have to semi agree. I like to be my own person. I have black and blonde hair. my eyes are gorgeous. I’m pretty and i have a really good sense of humor. I love to smile and laugh. :p

Something I have in  common with most the people from Snow Lake is many of us play the same instruments – people like, Riley(piano), Taelor(piano), Zach(drums)and Angel(piano, drum, guitar). I’m really into music, so I play a lot of instruments like piano drums trumpet guitar (acoustic and  electric, bass).The instrument  I like the best in piano and acoustic guitar because it has a more calming sound to it. I also write my own songs. Music is a big a part of my life and it always has will be.

Something I have in common with only a few people in Snow Lake is we like lunch\break. I like it because you don’t have to sit in a chair or do work. You get to visit with friends and talk as loud or as quiet as you want. The people I have it in common with is Riley and Holly. I do like other subjects but I like lunch because we can do whatever we want as long as it follows the rules that the school gives you to follow.

Taelor. K and I are most alike we both play or used to play piano, she has 2 dog but I have 5 dogs. we both enjoy Black Ops as a video games. For sports we both like volleyball and basketball. We have a lot of things in common. I think we would in enjoy being friends. I  would like to be friends with Taelor.K and I hope she would too . I’m always ready for something new and I think we would get along great . Do you have any thing in common with me?

Music gives a soul to the universe ,
wings to the mind,
flight to imagination,
and life to everything .